New Game: Multi-Williams

In the early 80's Williams was making the most innovative, challenging, and addicting video games on the market. Their early hits Defender and Robotron:2084 changed video games forever (both games, along with games like Donkey Kong and Pac Man, were part of that culture of setting and beating high score world records - to beat the Robotron world record today you would need to play for over 30 hours straight). Robotron involves innovative controls (two joysticks instead of buttons). Games like Robotron, Defender, Stargate, and Sinistar were innovative in that your aim was to both save lives/collect things and destroy enemies at the same time. Trying to strike that balance results in both challenging and endlessly rewarding game play. I sought out this Multi-Williams machine for our collection because it showcases each of these games (and other Williams classics like Blaster, Splat, Bubbles, Joust) running on original CPU hardware (not emulated) and you can experience them in their original glory - maybe for the first time. Personally, it is worth it for Robotron alone and if you've never played it you absolutely need to next time you come in. The Multi-Williams also includes Joust which is this brilliantly bizarre two-player game in which you are a knight riding on a flying ostrich trying to attack others by bumping into them slightly above them. The physics modeled in the flight of the birds was innovative for its time. If the arcade burns down, THIS is the machine I'm saving. And the Defender next to it. And probably my Centipede cocktail table. And...


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